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Kol Mikaelson in 2.02 “Alive and Kicking”

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Won’t settle for another spot






Won’t settle for another spot



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Anonymous: The kol > his siblings post you reblogged is exactly why the cw should of done a spin off about kol instead of klaus haha. It could of been called denver about all the crazy adventures him and jeremy gilbert had during their time there haha. Kol is why is i am watching s2 lol

If there was anything i ever wanted from Julie Plec, it was Kol and Jeremy times in Denver.

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watch shameless meme ➝ 4/10 scenes

"Does he get that look in his eye when he’s with you?"

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#actual footage of jordan parrish being an asshole

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Kol Mikaelson is better than any of the Originals…


you know what, all this Originals episode did was show me how much Kol got screwed over by his own family

Klaus, Elijah, and Rebekah always had their “always and forever”

Finn always had Esther, being the favorite “good” son

But Kol? He’s used by either side of the family as nothing more than a weapon, a pawn, an object to be used and disposed of whenever they feel like it, they don’t even treat him like he’s a person

Oh so Kol causes trouble, so Elijah and Klaus teams up to get rid of him, but when Klaus gets bored, he wakes up Kol for amusement, but when more trouble comes, Kol gets tossed aside over Marcel - they don’t treat him even as a brother, he’s nothing more than a piece of amusement, a toy to be played with whenever bored and if step out of line, gets gained up on by two holier than thou brothers over a human boy that they apparently cared more as family than Kol

And then there’s Esther, the woman who turned her young son into a vampire, and then had the nerve to call him a monster because nobody around gave a damn to teach him how to be anything else, she certainly wasn’t there to do shit - and of course, he’s here to be another weapon, to be used and when he steps out of line, he’s tortured

All Kol ever did was want to live, he just wants a life to be free, and yes, he’s unpredictable, he’s psychotic, he’s trouble maker, but you know what, at least he’s honest about who he is, he doesn’t play that holier than thou card that both Esther and Elijah/Klaus does —- no wonder he’s now picked his own side, why the hell should he care about this family when they’ve done nothing but use him

It’s just sad…the youngest brother, and yet the family cares nothing about him - where was Klaus and Elijah and Rebekah’s revenge for their brother? Where is Esther being an actual parent and maybe teach her son how to have a proper life?

No, they just backstab him, gain up on him, manipulate him, coerce him, make false promises about giving him a life yet yanking that away when he doesn’t please them

I seriously hope Kol just fucks up everything for all of them, because quite frankly, none of them deserve anything - this family doesn’t give two shits about him so why the hell should do risk life and limb for any of them?

All this episode did was make me dislike all the Originals even more

This family made him who he is, but at the very least Kol isn’t running around playing victim, at least he is honest and sticks to who he is instead of acting like he’s on some high moral ground

This is why Kol is better than all of them, he may be bad, he may be a villain, but at least he doesn’t go around pretending to be the hero

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46 bodies drained.

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I have to tell the t r u t h. I’ll tell you everything. My name is not Alayne.
It’s Sansa Stark, eldest daughter of Lord Eddard Stark.

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the holy trinity

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malia tate: a summary

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Kaleb: Mommy issues aye? Bet she’s a control freak right

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